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All New GMC Acadia

PAID Social & Digital

Project Reel

Assignment: Ideate and create video content to that will be boosted in paid media buys during the All New Acadia launch and campaign.

Context: From my copywriter and I's batch of ideas, 9 concepts were selected. 3 of those ideas were brought to life with the help of Ideology Production Company and other 6 were created in-house with existing footage.  

Platforms in Media Buy: Meta Reels, Tik Tok, Pinterest, Reddit, YT Shorts

AD: Andrea Dunn   |   CW: Ansley Young  |   CD: Chris Handyside  |   CD: Andy Ozark   |  CD: Stephanie Aleccia

PROD: Meredith Grimm  |  Director: Michael Elzinga  |  DP: Chad Terpstra  |  Post: Ideology Production Company

Finding Nowhere>>>

Post Copy:

Venture beyond the unknown. Epic action awaits in the Next Generation #GMCCanyon.

#TruckTok #Adventure #Overlanding #Offroad 

Dawn To Dusk

Post Copy:

The All New—and even bigger—GMC Acadia lets you live your biggest life day or night. 

Break The Frame

Post Copy:

The All New GMC Acadia is here. Live your biggest life in our biggest Acadia ever. 

AD: Andrea Dunn   |   CW: Ansley Young  |   CD: Chris Handyside  |   CD: Stephanie Aleccia

 Editor: Andrea Dunn   |   PROD: Meredith Grimm

In-house Edits

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